Veli-Pekka Nurmi

Veli-Pekka Nurmi

I'm a software developer with a performance marketing background. My passion is to build and optimize web services that provide value to users. I'm based in Helsinki, Finland.

Mostly work with

Languages: JavaScript (React, Node), Java (Spring Boot), HTML, CSS
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Tools & Utils: Linux, Git, Docker, Maven, Webpack, Heroku

My Story

Born 1985

Introduced to World Wide Web


It rocked my world and I spent way too much time playing online games such as Battleship and Oak in online chatrooms.

My first website


Made it with Microsoft Word 😄 Later upgraded to Dreamweaver.

Multimedia Assistant


2001 - 2004

Decided to become a web developer / designer.

Web developer


2004 - 2009

Various freelance web development and Flash applications projects. ActionScript was hot these days!

BBA, marketing

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science

2006 - 2012

My interest grew on business and marketing - all the stuff that happens before the actual product.

Project Manager

Seed Digital Media

2009 - 2013

Worked with developers, graphic designers and copywriters to deliver loyalty programs. Sweet times as the glue between tech, design and buzz.

Campaign Manager

ACE European Group

2013 - 2015

Working in an agency was fun, but I had an urge to dig deeper into one company as a marketer. Some customer acquisition, x-sell and profit were made. Everything was measured - we sold insurances after all!

Project Manager / Analytics

Media Agency Voitto

2016 - 2017

After the deep dive in customer data & direct marketing, I focused on analytics. Web analytics, SEO and SEM in particular. Jumping back to the world of HTML with marketing tags and JavaScript.

"Man, I want to code again!"

It all boiled down to this


While working with customers journeys and analytics it became clear to me, that at the end of the day it is all about the product/service. This is why I want to focus on coding digital services to end-users. To actually create something again that is not a powerpoint presentation.

Java Bootcamp

Academic Work


I refreshed my coding skills with an accelerated learning program focused on Java and Spring Boot. The for-loop was not changed since 2009, but Flash is not around anymore 😂

Software Developer

KPMG Finland

2018 -

Developing Identity and Access Management solutions - mainly building integrations and wrangling with personal data between systems.


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